The fashion show:

Livingston American School of Shanghai held its second annual Fashion Show on June 1st. For the occasion, the fashion design students in grades 6-12 modified a basic T-shape pattern. Students created garments inspired by the kimono, yukata or haori. Art students also in grades 6-12 made paper mache head sculptures for the show, worn with the garments.

LAS students again held high expectations for the show. The work of three seniors was particularly remarkable: Christine Roh made the best-sewn outfit, with extremely careful attention to detail, and a balloon skirt which was a heavy challenge for a beginner. She was happy to discover when she finished that although it was a Japanese-inspired garment, the color combination and the simplicity, finally made it look Korean. Ayako Takagi probably made the most gorgeous outfit, also very neat sewn, with a 2-face skirt and a creative obi. The pattern making method used was intuitive, which gave students a lot of freedom to experiment. One of the best heads was made by Cho Gyung Ah, with a difficult size that was no problem for her. The head was beautifully finished as she smartly mixed ochre and gold paint to create this cute blond look. Shelly Inoue made the most impressive outfit. With 20 meters of red jacquard silk, traditionally used in China to make qipaos, she created T-shape attire that made her look like the ‘bride’ of the show. Yi Sol Kim, in grade 10, was the head artist for Shelly. First, he did a great job modeling paper mache lips; later, although he had never sewed before, he cut and sewed a silk cover for the sculpture that perfectly fit the lips as a second skin.

All of the outfits were fascinating, particularly if we take into account that some of them were only in grade 6. Remarkably, it was also Lily Qiang's creation–both the clothes and the head-- which were on par with the cited seniors, although she is only grade 8. The sculpture work of Annie Liu, in grade 8, was also outstanding.

Shelly Inoue Yi Sol Kim 2.jpgShelly Inoue Yi Sol Kim.jpg
Clothes: Shelly Inoue (gr.12) Head sculpture: Yi Sol Kim (gr.10)
Christine Roh Na Yeon.jpgClothes: Christine Roh (gr.12) Head. Na Yeon Kim (gr.12)
Ayako Takagi Cho Ah 2.jpg Ayako Takagi Cho Ah 3.jpg
Clothes: Ayako Takagi (gr.12) Head: Cho Ah (gr.10)
Allen Lee Chia Bobo Wang.jpgClothes: Allen Lee Chia (gr.11) Head: Bobo Wang (gr.9)
Kenta Iizuka.jpg Clothes & head: Kenta Iizuka (gr.8)
Angel Mei Annie Liu.jpg Clothes: Angel Mei (gr.8) Head: Annie Liu (gr.8)
Helen Huang Reika Tsukada.jpg Clothes: Helen Huang (gr.8) Head: Reika Tsukada (gr.8)
Lily Qiang.jpg Clothes & Head: Lily Qiang (gr.8)
Martin Kwon Jerry Woo.jpg Clothes: Martin Kwon (gr.6) Head: Jerry Yoo (gr.9)
Tomomi Yumbe Christie Kwek.jpg Clothes: Tomomi Yumbe (gr.9) Head: Christie Kwek (gr.11)
Will Deompopo Joon Hee Yoo.jpgClothes: Will Deompopo (gr.6) Head: Joon Hee Yoo (gr.10)
Faith Lee Vivian Chang.jpgClothes: Faith Lee (gr.7) Head: Vivian Chang (gr.9)
Phoebe Li Won Ji Su.jpgClothes: Phoebe Li (gr.6) Head: Won Ji Su (gr.6)
Rachel Huang Homare Mori.jpg Clothes: Rachel Huang (gr.8) Head: Homare Mori (gr.8)
Mawaddah Raeedy Momoka Oguri.jpg Clothes: Mawaddah Raeedy (gr.7) Head: Momoka Oguri (gr.6)

T-shape project

Next 1st June, 3 pm at the auditorium will be the fashion show.
The students are designing a T-shape garment inspired in kimono, yukata or haori.
(Left) Christine Roh (gr.12) design technical drawing. (Right) She is cutting the yukata long sleeve.
Yukata pieces just cut (Left). Removing the baste (Right).
Ironing interfusing (Left). Sewing balloon skirt (Right).
Sewing.jpg Fitting_Christine_Roh_Na_Yeon.jpg
Machine sewing (left). First fitting (right).

3rd Quarter Fashion design calendar:

-1st February, Wednesday: Doing the bag pattern.
-3rd Feb. Friday: How to cut the fabric ppt: Warp, Welf & Bias cut. Doing the bag pattern & shopping list.
-7th Feb. Tuesday: Field trip to buy the fabric.
-9th Feb. Thursday: Displaying the patterns on the fabric and cutting the fabric. Fashion designer research project ppt. (Homework: choose a designer)
-13th Feb. Monday: Assembly the pieces. Baste. (Everybody tell me a designer for the research)
-15th Feb. Wednesday: Finishing basting. Start machine sewing.
-17, 21, 23, 28 and 2nd March: Sewing. (Homework: Finish the bag if you were not able in class. Make a Kimono/Yukata/Haori research. Print pictures for a moodboard)

-6th March, Tuesday: Presentation of new project: Kimono ppt. Doing a Moodboard.
-8th and 12th March: Sketching 30 kimonos variations.
-14th March: Handbag deadline. Doing the Kimono flat piece.
-16th March: Doing the kimono technical drawing (adding measurements).
-20 & 22th March: Doing the kimono pattern.
-22th March: Fashion inspiration book deadline. Fashion designer research deadline. (printed)
23rd March 3rd Quarter is over.
Holiday homework (buy the fabric to make the kimono)

31st March: Handbags exhibition at the auditorium in the Performing Arts event.
There is not a 3rd Quarter exam. The 3rd Quarter grade will be: your bag finished (If it is not finished your grade is F) + The kimono project (moodboard + technical drawing + pattern) +fashion inspiration book + fashion designer research.

2nd Fashion designer research:

Students have to choose one of the following designers to make a written and visual research, plus a class presentation.

Martin Margiela, Balenciaga, Armani, Raf Simons, La Casita de Wendy, Bernhard Willhelm, Alix Grès, Yves Saint Laurent, Walter Van Weirendonck, Yohji Yamamoto, Viktor & Rolf, Bart Hess, Christian Lacroix, Elsa Schiaparelli, Givenchi, Alexander Mc Queen, Ann Demeulemeester, Bruno Pieters, Dries Van Noten, Helmut Lang, Hussein Chalayan, Issey Miyake, Junya Watanabe, Rick Owens, Rodarte, Sonia Rykiel, Matthew Williamson, Stella Mc Cartney, Prada, Gareth Pugh, Lanvin, Paul Smith, Phillip Lim, Shiatzi Chen, Central Saint Martins, Paco Rabanne, Thierry Mügler, Hedi Slimane, Haider Ackermann, Céline, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Sandra Backlund, Samant Chauhan.

Steps to complete: (This is a basic guide, you can add more details, but don’t miss the essential information)
1) Brand name; Designer name; Year the brand starts (and ends); How many designers it has had; Country where the brand is settled; Designer short biography (studies, working experience)
2) How many brands & sub-brands it has; Categories: Menwear, Womenwear, Children wear, accessories; Haute-couture or Ready to wear.
3) How can you define/describe the style?
4) When was the brand best moment? Or is it any peak on the brand?
5) Show representative pictures that define the brand development. Show representative pictures from the last collection. (Pictures should be high resolution. You can find them in: www.style.com and www.menstyle.com)
6) Don’t forget to note all the sources where you found the information: websites, books or magazines. (See next paragraph)

How to write the bibliography in your research:
-Internet example:
(Just copy the links you have used)
-Magazine example:
Vogue China; September 2011; page 344. (Magazine title in bold and cursive; Issue #; Month and year; page)
-Book example:
The Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute. Fashion, a History from the 18th to the 20th Century; Akiko Fukai; Taschen; 2002; Köln; page 72-75.

(Title in bold and cursive; author; Editorial; year; city where it was printed; pages where you found the information)

Deadline: 21st & 22th March (Give me a typed-printed copy)
I will give you a date for your class presentation (Power Point presentation) during the 4th Quarter.


Best 2nd Quarter Fashion Design student

Congratulations to Rachel & Helen Huang for their excellent performance in the Fashion Design subject! Both got 99 (A+) in the 2nd Quarter.

Handbag design

Left: Handbag sketch by Lee Chia. Right: Handbag technical drawing by Katherine Kim (gr.8)
Fake lamb fur satchel by Ayako Takagi, gr.12. Assembling the bag pieces (left). The bag finished (right and down).
Linen handbag by Helen Huang (gr.7), Denim bottle bag by Jerry Wang (gr. 7), Silk quilted handbag with lining by Beatriz Mari (gr.6).
Wool handbag with lining by Faith Lee. Fake snake handbag with chains by Connie Yang (gr.8). Denim handbag by Mawaddah Raaedy (gr.7).
Laptop wool handbag by Will (gr.6)

Draping exercises & Fashion history link

Ancient Egypt:
With one single piece of fabric the students have drapped the fabric according to ancient Egypt fashion styles.
Egypt_drapping_Chinami_and_Ayako.jpgChinami & Ayako team drapped the fabric according to model T.

The fashion design project


Left: Gothic Lolita style by Ayako Takagi (gr. 12). Right: Neoplasticism style by Lee Chia (gr.10).
Left: Animals inspiration by Max Song (gr.6). Right: Rock &Stucks by Shelly Inoue (gr.12).

Fashion drawings

Left: Menwear collection inspired in Neoplasticism by Lee Chia (gr.10). Right: Womenwear collection inspired in animals by Jenny Tae-Yeon (gr.7).

Fashion illustrations

Christine Roh and Shelly Inoue, both gr.12.

Fashion designer class presentations

Students, parents and teachers are welcome to attend the students presentations. Please, confirm day and time before in case there is any change in the schedule.
-A days 10:00 to 10:30 h 16 nov: Chinami (Marc Jacobs) and Ayako (Junya Watanabe) 18 nov: Jerry (Raf Simons) and Kenta (Yohji Yamamoto)
-B days 3:00 to 3:30 h 9 nov: Evi (Marc Jacobs) and Jenny (Vivian Westwood) 15 nov: Jin ha (Jeremy Scott) and Wesley (Calvin Klein) 17 nov: Mawaddah (Zuhir Murad) and Phoebe Li (Gucci) 21 nov: Martin (Jil Sander) and Faith (Versacce) 23 nov: Lee (Dior) and Christine Roh (Valentino) 29 nov: Bobo (Mia Mia) and Rachel Huang (Madeleine Vionett) 1 dec: Angel Mei (Chanel) and Helen Huang (Comme des garçons) 5 dec: Katherine Kim (Mc Queen) and Asmaa (Moschino) 7 dec: Shelly (Gaultier) and Connie (Prada) 9 dec: Max (Thakoon) and Arata (Armani)
Here the power point presentation of Chanel by Angel Mei:

T-Shirt Customization project

From an existing t-shirt the students have personalized it: cutting, sewing, doing appliqué, painting, modifying the pattern...
Students_works_104.JPG Students_works_101.JPG
Mario (gr.6) is ironing a sleeve. Chinami (gr.12) is drawing a sleeve to cut.

Left: Katherine Kim (gr.8) cut the sleeves and the logo making a window with a new fabric and embroidery thread stitching.
Right: Max Song Tae-Ho (gr.6) painted a t-shirt that he didn't like transforming it into a butcher, bloody style.
jin_ha.jpg Shelly.jpg
Left: Jin Ah (gr.12) recycled her previous school shirt uniform with a new pocket and black buttons.
Right: Shelly Inoue (gr.12) mixed a plain white t-shirt with a patterned scarf.
Mario.jpg Wesley_gr.10
Left: Mario Lee Si-Heon (gr.6) added a polka-dots sleeves to his t-shirt because the weather is getting cooler.
Right: Wesley Chang (gr.9) painted his t-shirt.