gr8 art collage.jpg gr8 collage.jpg The process...
...and the result:
Dance of a puppet by Jin.jpgCasino boy by Caster.jpgThe ruined world.jpg
Demond by Will.jpgGuitar by Miyuki.jpgToilet by Takuro.jpg
(From left to right:) "Dance of a puppet" by Jin, "Casino boy" by Caster, "The ruined world" by Jennifer, "Demond" by Will, "Guitar" by Miyuki, "Toilet" by Takuro.


3) Applying color mixing knowledge:
Jennifer color.jpgCatherine color.jpg
Miyuki color.jpg Jennifer, Catherine and Miyuki's color exercises.
2) Color theory exercise:
Color mixing.jpg Jin Young Han b.jpg
1) Drawing the still life:
Color exercise.jpg Jennifer Jiang b.jpg
Gr.8 drawing.jpg