Yolanda Pascual Ruiz de la Hermosa

Art & Fashion Design teacher at Livingston American School; Shanghai; China.



About me:

I was born in Logroño, Spain. I arrived to China in 2008.

2008-2003 'Thinking about today's art', Master and graduated degree in Aesthetics and Contemporary Arts Theory, Faculty of Philosophy, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain.
2000-1993 Bachelor degree in Fine Arts, Media Arts speciality, Faculty of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.
1997-1995 Fashion design, Llotja: Arts & Crafts School, Barcelona, Spain.
2013 The Modern and the Postmodern ( MOOC, 14 weeks online course), Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, USA.
2008-2007 Khim (Thai hammered dulcimer) and Saw U (Thai violin) studies, Ban Rak Thai school, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
2004 Ceramic seminary at Sargadelos, Cervo, Lugo, Spain.
2003 Teaching certificate (CAP), Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.
2003 How to present a project for TV, at Barcelona International Press Center, Spain.
2002-2001 Porcelain moulding, porcelain decoration and introduction to stained glass at L'ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art et de Design, Limoges-Aubusson, France.
2001 Bobbin lace, at Lanas el Globo, Barcelona, Spain.
2000-1999 Odame, Mujeres emprendedoras. (Enterprise planning) Barcelona Activa, Generalitat de Catalunya.
1999 Limits and meanings in contemporary art, Lectures at Fundación La Caixa Cultural Center, Barcelona, Spain.
1998 Macrophotography, Institute of photographic studies of Catalunya, at Collblanc La Torrassa Cultural Room, Hospitalet, Barcelona, Spain.
1997 From postphotography to cyberspace, lectures at Fundación La Caixa Cultural Center, Barcelona, Spain.
1997 From tv to telematic: new technologies and future of audiovisual art, simposium at Planetario of Pamplona, Spain.
Teaching experience
2014-13 Gr,6, Gr.7, Gr.8, 3D Art, HS Art and ESL Art at LAS, Shanghai, China.
2013-12 Asian Art, MS & HS Art and Fashion design I & II at LAS, Shanghai, China.
2012-2011 MS art, HS art and Fashion design (MS & HS) at LAS, Shanghai, China.
2011-2009 Elementary art, MS art, HS art and Photography at LAS, Shanghai, China.
2009-2008 Fashion design teacher (Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 5 and Style Foundation) at Mod'art International, Shanghai University, China.
2005 Spanish language teacher at Home language International, LTD, Barcelona, Spain. (HS)